Precision Instrumentation, Data Loggers, Internet of Things and Environmental Monitoring

HSA/KISTERS Group provides globally recognized quality Sensors, systems and software for all aspects of the Hydro-Meteorological cycle. HSA/KISTERS group excels with a deep portfolio of Sensors for every application. We pioneered the implementation of Non-Contact Level and Discharge Radar in the U.S which is transforming the way discharge is measured. We are the globally recognized standard for Tipping Bucket Rain Gauges. In addition we have carved out an international reputation with our family of Cableway towing devices including portable and fixed systems. With the much anticipated merger with KISTERS in 2020 we now combine all the muscle of our proven hardware with KISTERS powerful data processing and vizualization software to form a seamless integrated solution to solve your most complex Hydro-Meteorological challenges.

KISTERS is a group of IT companies with 500+ employees, headquarters in Aachen, Germany, and numerous natioonal and international subsidiaries. KISTERS offers leading software solutions for the sustainable management of water, energy and air. Expertise, application and industry experience make KISTERS a much sought-after partner. KISTERS’ Water Solution is a framework for building efficient customer solutions based on modern technology and in-depth understanding of application areas and markets. The tailor-made solutions include, among others, surface and ground water monitoring, meteorology, water quality and urban drainage They are used worldwide by local, regional, national and supra-national authorites, associations, engineering offices and research institutions. [Learn more about the KISTERS Group]

"We have always had the highest admiration for the support and service the HSA team provides. We are very proud to now join forces in North America, and be one team," Klaus KISTERS, CEO of the KISTERS Group.