Corporate culture

Within the global KISTERS Group, HyQuest Solutions is the brand of the Monitoring Equipment commercialized by all KISTERS Group entities and a re-seller network. HyQuest Solutions offers instruments, systems, data loggers, associated services and customized solutions to monitor water and weather.

Our Vision is “Providing environmental data YOU can rely on for faster, smarter decisions” and every individual bears a responsibility to put our vision into practice. HyQuest Solution’s values – as detailed hereunder – are the foundations of a mindset and a guideline needed to achieve our vision.


We achieve the best possible results by selecting the right employees integrated into collaborative teams. We support both the teams and the individual employee by means of providing suitable resources, structures and technology. In addition, HyQuest Solutions strives to achieve employee proficiency and job satisfaction through awareness, training, and development programs.


The needs of our customers (Voice of the Customer) are always central in the development of our products and services. Trust and a close relationship with customers are the basis of our cooperation in a spirit of partnership and our long-term and stable relationship with each single customer.


Our goal in all of our markets is to be the quality leader with our products. For us, quality arises from the systematic use of various quality concepts which we bring into harmony with the requirements of our customers and employees.


We make decisions independently, consciously and carefully. We accept responsibility for our actions and their effects. In doing so, we make active use of our opportunities to benefit the company.


We set ambitious goals. We encourage staff to be committed to the goals. We strive to implement goals quickly. We use existing resources flexibly to ensure rapid progress and deal with any necessary or planned changes reliably and without delay.


We strive to be a leader in research & development to improve the effectiveness of our industry. As a provider of versatile hydro- and meteorological systems, we develop comprehensive products and solutions to meet the customer requirements and to support them in their job.


Our mindset and our actions are chosen based on values rather than personal gain. We try to do the right thing, even when no one is watching.

HyQuest wants to be a company in which every employee feels at home. The foundation is our family like work environment with sustainable personnel management, shared events and social involvement. Trust is a central element of our corporate culture. Our relationship with each other and with our customer and partners is based on walk to talk and mutual trust.

The needs of our customer are at the core of our business activities. The benefits we offer to our valued customers are based on the foundation of our competence and corporate culture.

HyQuest Solutions Management Team