Water Quality Measurement with HyQual Multiparameter Probes

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The monitoring of water quality is a growing challenge considering how delicate the balance of water is. As we are part of a diverse and interconnected ecosystem, any  sudden change in parameters will not only put humans at risk but our flora, our fauna, the whole environment. So, Water Quality really matters!

HyQuest Solutions lauches: 

HyQual, Multiparametric probes for water quality measurement.

Ideal for manual spot checking and continuous remote monitoring, HyQual probes are characterised by their industry-leading price-performance ratio and come with a 3-year warranty.

HyQual multiprobes are easy to set up, deploy and calibrate. They come with a user-friendly app to  access data and perform common functions such as parameter selection, autosave, data transfer via email, calibration and more.

Get great versatility in deployment with several output interface options like Bluetooth®, RS-232 or SDI-12, MODBUS and USB as well as available battery choices. The External Battery that operates underwater and the External Bluetooth Battery pack, both are rechargeable and long-lasting because they are made of lithium.

In addition to internal memory, these probes integrate easily with iRIS data loggers for more data storage capacity or redundancy.

With its rugged and compact design, the HyQual series also stands out for its durability. These probes are made from quality materials: 303 and 316 stain-less steel, polyacetal (Delrin), PVC, Teflon, ABS, titanium, Viton, neoprene, silicone and glass.

Deploy HyQual probes even in harsh environments such as wastewater, industrial water or marine ap-plications as they provide reliable, stable, and repeatable results.

HyQual excels for its industry-leading performance-to-price ratio.

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