HailSens – Hail Monitoring System


HailSens is an advanced sensor system for monitoring hail events in real-time.

HailSens is an advanced sensor system for monitoring hail events in real-time. The detection of hail impacts (as opposed to other types of icy or watery precipitation) relies on vibration measurement. HailSens provides accurate, reliable results both quickly and automatically. A practical tool that saves time and prevents false measurements.

  • HailSens large measurement surface (0.2m²) enables the never before possible ability to investigate high resolution, real-time details of hail storm dynamics.
  • HailSens can be used as a sensor connected to a data logger (RS485) or send data over a wireless mobile communication channel to the hailsens.online cloud application.
  • Online warning system reacting instantly to hail impacts - issued through hailsens.online with little delay.
  • HASE software can provide – time stamp, kinetic energy of the impact, hail class of the impact. From these values it is possible to derive the velocity and hailstone size using the formula for impact velocity.

HailSens revolutionizes the technology for sensing hail: It combines sophisticated measuring technology with online provision of data. HailSens automatically detects hail, and classifies individual hailstones with respect to their size and damage potential. The sensing area of approximately 0,2 m² ensures that a representative sample of hail pellets generates impacts on the vibrating plate thereby increasing measurement reliability. HailSens saves data, transfers it in real-time to evaluation software for statistical evaluations and display of impact results in graphics and tables, and - last but not least - provides early warnings using web technology.