Utility-scale solar panel hail protection

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Find out protective measures to secure your assets

With precipitation events likely to become more extreme (IPCC Assessment Report 6 (AR6)), it becomes increasingly important to protect solar panels against hazardous weather like wildfires, extreme winds, and large-hail events.

Whilst large hail events remain rare, the damage caused by them can be significant. Consequently, insurance prices are soaring. Utility owners are therefore increasingly looking for ways to protect their assets and prevent costs. Using weather data, they can generate awareness about the potential risk of hail damage and actionable information for different timescales.

The comprehensive article  by our Senior Meteorologist Johan Jaques shows protective measures to secure assets and insights of post event analysis. Above that, KISTERS’ innovative hail sensor HailSens IoT is transforming the way we measure hail, truly a game changer for solar farm operators.

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