Repair & Calibration Request

Please fill out the form below thoroughly and submit to start a repair and/or calibration request. We charge a Repair Assessment Fee of AUD 190 plus GST, which will only be incurred if the Repair is not proceeded with. Declined estimates or a non-reply to an estimate within 30 working days, will still incur the Repair Assessment Fee (if not already paid). Repairs submitted “under Warranty” but found to have incurred accidental damage, misuse or do-it-yourself repairs will have invalidated warranty. Please also see our Product Warranty Information.

Repair & Calibration Requests Form

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Please state below the shipping address of the equipment after being repaired only if it is different to the abovementioned shipping address.
Please only supply accessories relating to the fault or calibration required. We are not responsible for any accessories or equipment lost during transit.